The Artist is Present (Drinking)

Performance/ re-enactment/ social engagement with beer, garden chairs, 2015

An Australian suburban translation of  Marina Abramovic’s iconic performance artwork  “The Artist is Present” into the social field hovering over the suburban fence and the footpath. Sitting with with an esky and some cool drinks to lubricate the interaction, in full Abramovic drag, Polkinghorne shifts the aura of the original work’s potent silent intensity. Instead of focussed silent staring, the artist chatted over the fence inviting the audience to engage with other Abramovic works in a manner that simultaneously operated as greatest hits, performance art, karaoke. Exploring the current interest in re-enactment, this work continued Polkinghorne’s interest in homage, parody, authenticity and humour. Using the Australian social lubricator of alcohol the audience participated with the space of the suburban fence operating as a mutable terrain of exchange.

This work was part of Second Coming, a project at Marrickville Garage, March 2015. See more here